When will this long road come to an end?

Well… there’s no easy answer! We are back in lockdown, meaning we need to buckle in, keep safe & adjust.

Here are some quick & handy tips for everyone continuing their remote working journey!

1. The right tools – it is vital to provide the right software & hardware to your team to be effective & at their optimum. There is a short term investment = long term gain!

2. Keep in touch – Team Simplify have found regular Team Meetings and catch-ups very beneficial! Whether it is to check-in or have a quick chat & laugh… JUST DO IT! Keeps you sane (or insane in my Team’s case :0) )

3. Create rewards & benchmarks – if your focus is placed on achieving something, or working towards a goal, then it will be shifted away from the doom & gloom that is very real at the moment.

4. Keep moving – take time to walk, exercise, run… Just move! A positive flow creates a positive feeling within you & can work as an outlet for frustration or anxiety to leave!

5. Create a separation – try to keep your work area away from the normal “chill out” zones of the home. That allows you to disassociate when it is time to switch off!

Good luck – and feel free to share your “Home Worker” tips below!

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