Our team

Our team

We walk our talk and are blessed to have an engaged and epic Team Simplify! Meet the team that make Simplify tick…

Zameer Nazarali
CEO & Founder
Our founder and Strategic “Cloud based” leader! Known as “Zam” to friends and family, Zameer created the vision that created the Business! He has always been driven to unravelling Employment law & HR for the Client he is working for with a key question – how can the laws and processes empower my Client? Zameer believes in providing an epic workplace, for an epic team, to serve an epic Clientele!
Shafique Govani
Business & Client Engagement Leader – The creative ying to Simplify ER’s yang! Shafique drives the business development & marketing aspects of the Consultancy, refining the message and values internally to help the Business meet the needs of it’s Client’s externally. Fondly referred to as “the Director of Fun Times”, Shafique blends a laser focused professionalism with a charismatic and warm approach – a rapport building of epic proportions!
Farheen Parkar
HR Consultant (CIPD Qualified)
Farheen is a CIPD qualified HR professional with international experience, giving her a cultural intelligence that enhances her understanding and ability to drive the delivery of results through people. Skilled in managing diverse groups of stakeholders and working across diverse landscapes with differing needs, regulatory requirements and business practices, her capacity to spot patterns and connect the dots to overcome challenge is second to none. Always keeping a firm focus on the strategic purpose, she brings a ‘find a way’ approach– advocating that there is always an alternative, an innovative, and better way to get the job done.
Menezes D'costa
Commercial Legal Consultant
Reina is our Legal Eagle on all things commercial and company! She provides fantastic guidance and assistance on drafting business documents and unravels legal content for our Clients to ensure they understand commercial matters that affect their business
Sadaf Failey
Legal Consultant
Sadaf has an extensively diverse legal and commercial background, she has gained legal experience from top City practices, niche firms and working as an inhouse Legal Counsel for a group company.
Raza Kassamali
Head of Rewards
Raza joins Team Simplify as Head of Rewards, and leads our drive to support local businesses through the My VIP Card! Raza has a passion to drive businesses to greater visibility, with a wealth of experience in the worlds of marketing and media sales! We call him the “Belgian Hot Chocolate” for his charismatic and fun nature…. And well because he is from Belgium!
Sharmin Pirbhai
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Sandra is the bedrock of support to our CEO, Zameer, keeping tasks ticking and flowing with the constant change and evolution of the business, providing a vital communication link between Zameer and those around him… In a nutshell she keeps simple for the Simplifyer!
Sandra Kelic
HR Administrator
Sandra is simply put the Admin Ninja! Quick to react, looking to lead through initiative and providing lightening results – these are just the highlights of an superstar in the team! She always serves with a smile, and ensures that everyone is gaining value from her presence, Sandra is currently our longest serving team member – a testament to just how awesome she is.
Lucy Anne
Operations Guru
Clearly it is a blessed name, as our up next is the centre of our Operations & Client Engagement! Lucy builds together the operational web that holds together our Client Journey, ensuring Client’s are engaged, satisfied and valuing the service we provide. A keen eye to find areas of improvement and a quick reflex to overcome barriers makes Lucy an integral & core member of the Team!
Louise Woodhouse
Accounts & Finance Lead
To say Louise is a financial guru is not fully appreciating just how much value she adds to our team! Our centre point for dealing with all matters accounting and finance, Louise’s mission is to ensure a clean financial relationship with our Client’s to ensure all is in place to ensure Simplify excellence!

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