Following the process to the letter. Ensuring all the steps and milestones are met. Mechanically ensuring each branch of the flow chart is visited. And if we dare to do more, the Client must pay.

This was my experience of working in the wonderful world of outsourced HR. Of course there was a level of care, but there was no appetite to dive deeper in to the Clients’ shoes.

Was this really the end of the line for the employee? Shall we ignore all that has gone wrong internally? And just recruit someone new to start again… and do this all again in 6 months?

The above was exactly what drove me to find a better way. Surely HR & Employment law advising was not just about ticking boxes and making every scenario fit the box – no matter how imperfectly.

Surely there was a better way to advise, to understand the business you are working alongside and the mindset of the owner or decision maker. And surely it was our duty as advisers to break it down in a way that the Business could properly understand… and engage with the process better?

The answer transpired into the vision that is now… Simplify ER!

Our consultancy is the translation of my passion to drive employers to better engage with their employees… and set the bar higher for having a truly engaged, productive and inspired place of work.

However, that does not mean things do not go wrong, or do not go to plan on occasion. And in these moments, we are there to guide and protect our Clients’, making sure they do not fall foul of Employment law or HR processes.

We excel at everything you would expect from an Outsourced HR consultancy:

  • drafting contracts and handbooks
  • running disciplinaries, grievances, redundancies or TUPE transfers
  • negotiating settlements and
  • avoiding the pitfalls of Tribunals…

Where we come alive though, is creating engaged workplaces that set the agenda from the employers’ point of view….. and creating truly empowered work cultures that inspire those who work within it. This is where we differ.

So, if this resonates with you get in touch… and see how we can Simplify ER for you!

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