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Our Founder

Our Managing Director, Zameer Nazarali, has worked within the Employee Relations industry over the past 13 years. He has worked in different roles within organisations giving him a view of the employment process from different perspectives. He has held the role of In-House Employment lawyer, as well as having been in the front line as an HR Service Consultant. Through that journey, he has developed a greater understanding of the issues that businesses face when approaching matters relating to Employment law and HR. And how their needs and objectives are not truly satisfied by the outsourced providers that they have engaged.

A major problem he has noted is that the approach of some outsourced consultancies is not geared understand the commercial needs of a client’s business. Some providers only use a rigid, compliance driven methodology. Advice is given on the process, but consideration is not given on how that HR issue impacts or effects the business in question.

Another problem businesses have faced with their outsourced service providers is an inconsistent approach. He has heard feedback from countless businesses, who have faced several different advisers (within the same service provider) giving conflicting advice on the same issue. This is a great source of confusion and frustration to business owners, or even to the internal HR professionals representing those businesses.

After a lot of careful consideration, a vision was born. Why not combine the technical knowledge of an Employment lawyer with the practical knowhow of an HR Consultant. This is a vital combination required when dealing with HR issues within a business. Knowing the law, but also knowing the boundaries of the law. And then understanding how to put that in to practice. All the while, making sure that the commercial needs of a business are understood, and balanced against the impact of a given employee situation. And so SimplifyER was born with one objective – delivering Employee Relations Excellence.

As a business, you need to know the options available in any given scenario, from an Employment lawyer who can weigh up the legal issues against the commercial objectives. At the same time you need an HR Service that can competently and practically deliver the process. Through a service that is as pro-active as the client needs it to be.

And this is exactly what Zameer brings to the table for the clients of SimplifyER.

Professionally his goal is to bring together a quality legal advice, with a practical, supportive approach that works for his clients. Personally he aims to delivery this in a personable, friendly and ethical manner.

He strives to create confidence and clarity amongst this clients. His key aim is to remove the stress of the minefield that Employment law can be. And to do this with a creative, commercial and competent style.

Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation - so improving engagement is a must. The question to business owners is this; who should assist you with this journey? An Employment lawyer, or an HR Consultant?

Why not enjoy the best of both, to help you manage your employees better. It is really that simple.

So if this sounds good to you, and something that will benefit your business, contact us straight away - and see how we can Simplify YourER.



Zameer Nazerali - Founder of SimplifyER