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As an Employee Relations Consultancy, our service fuses together the worlds of Employment law and HR. This gives us the edge by delivering a full and rounded service to our clients.

We can assist your Organisation in a number of ways, tailored to getting the best results for you.

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Our Packages

So how do we deliver our service? We keep it simple, providing our services through a number of packages that can suit your business.

1. Simplify Response

If you already have an HR Department setup, or HR Professionals on board, we can assist by providing a sounding board for them. This service can be achieved via telephone or email.

2. Simplify Your ER

Our more advanced retained service package enables you to enjoy a more interactive service. Included is an HR Audit of your documents and systems, drafting of new documents, if required, and thereafter on-going Employee Relations advice and support via telephone or email.

3. Simplify Your Strategy

We can provide a “Business Partner” approach for you, sitting alongside the leaders of your business to assist creating the wider Employee Relations and HR strategy. This can include long term change management or culture change. We will regularly attend Board strategy meetings to keep a track of the change you need to implement so you can achieve your objectives.

4. Simplify as You Go

Should any of the above not suit you, we can simply assist you with a specific project and see it through until completion, at an efficient fixed cost rate.

5. Simplify HS

Our team work alongside you to ensure the safety of your business, employees and clients whilst working on your premises. It is always a commercial approach applied to identify the risk areas you may be exposed to, and practical solutions as to how to overcome these problems.