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Employment Law

Whilst knowing how to manage a process is vital, understanding the relevant law and its interpretation is the difference between compliance and failure.

We bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the table, working creatively within the boundaries of the relevant Employment legislation. This means that the foundation of each piece of advice is on a sound legal footing, ensuring your peace of mind.

As an HR Retainer Client, as long as you follow the advice we have given to your business, you will be protected as a beneficiary of our Legal Expenses cover. So you can work with us with the confidence that we are providing the best, and most compliant, advice in order to take your business forward

We also go the extra yard in providing specialised expertise to ensure quality results. For example, if you organisation is facing a situation of fraud, our team of forensic investigators can give a depth of analysis to ensure you know what the situation at hand is. Whether it is to assist in providing detailed evidence to decide if fraud has taken place, or a more general overview to ensure things are in check, our team can help.

Our service always remains innovative and up-to-date, ensuring you do not have any worries.

Our expertise includes:

  • Document/ Policy drafting such as Employee handbook and Employment contracts
  • Bespoke business or industry driven document drafting
  • Legal advice on all employment law matters
  • Employment Tribunal risk management
  • Negotiating Compromise and Settlements agreements for both employees and employers, whether conducted through employee representatives (Lawyers or Union) or ACAS
  • Mediation of employment disputes

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